June 2018: The March for the New Desaparecidos turns three.

On June 2015, Milano Senza Frontiere (Milano Without Borders) organised the first "March for the New Desaparecidos". The March took place in Piazza della Scala, Milan, aiming at giving voice to the request for truth and justice of the families of those who disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea. After three years, the March still goes on and our denunciation of European migratory policies is more pressing than ever.

Until June 30th, 2016 the March took place every Thursday; afterwards every first Thursday of each month. Participants march holding a photo of those who went missing during their journey (either swallowed by the sea or victims of forced disappearance) just as the Madres de Playa de Mayo did in Argentina. The March revolves around a red carpet at the center of the square, representing the sea. People speaking in a microphone give voice to those who are still waiting for their lost relatives and denounce the massacre taking place in the Mediterranean Sea. Some of the passers-by stop to listen, others pick up a photograph and join the March.

Over the past three years, the March has never missed an appointment: there has always been someone to bring the equipment, someone to speak at the microphone, someone to march with us. On June 7th, 2018, we marched for the 79th time, and we are determined to keep marching.