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Milano senza frontiere → Visit

Network of associations that since June 2015 have been rallying every first thursday of each month carrying the pictures of migrants who are dead, missing, or victims of enforced disappearance.

Como senza frontiere → Visit

Network of associations, movements, political organizations that demand truth and justice for genocide victims at the border with Europe.

Palermo senza frontiere → Visit

Network of associations rallying to demand truth and justice for migrants that are dead, missing, or

victims enforced disappearance.

Carovane Migranti → Visit

Collective that have been organizing “migrant caravans” with the goal of consolidating, through the practice of journeys, collaborations among different entities in several regions of the world.

Association des travailleurs Maghrèbins de France → Visit

Founded in 1962 by the Moroccan left-wing movements. Initially active in defence of the rights of Moroccan migrants, it then expanded the scope of its activities towards migrants from Maghreb and eventually to migrants around the world, documented and undocumented.

Alarm Phone → Visit

Project started in October 2014 by networks of activists and civil society members in Europe and North Africa. The project activated a self-organized hot line for refugees facing emergencies in the Mediterranean Sea.

Watch the Med → Visit

Online mapping platform monitoring deaths and violations of migrant rights at the maritime boundaries of the European Union.

Friends of Missing at the Borders

Caminando fronteras → Visit

Collective active on the border between Morocco and Spain since 2002 with Europe-bound migrants from sub saharan Africa.

Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano → Visit

Collective of people and organizations organizing, since 2003, the Caravan of Central American Mothers in Mexico. The movement promotes “Puentes de Esperanza”, a project aimed at reuniting families separated by migrations.

Migreurop → Visit

Network of European and African activists and researchers whose goal is to denounce and fight the generalization of foreigners reclusion and the spreading of detention camps. Such camps are instrumental to the externalization policies of the European Union.

Boats 4 people → Visit

B4P brings together 11 NGOs on both sides of the Mediterranean sea to defend the rights of migrants at sea, including deceased and missing persons: an information guide on the Central Mediterranean is available in 5 languages.

Association Alsace-Syrie → Visit