About us

We are activists from organisations based on both shores of the Mediterranean sea.

We joined forces with families of migrants who died, vanished or were victims of forced disappearance during their journey to to Europe.

Jointly, we set up this web page to give voice to the families and to tell their stories.

The project team is composed of members of the following organizations: Milano senza Frontiere, Palermo senza Frontiere, Como senza Frontiere, Carovane Migranti, Association des Travailleurs Maghrébins de France, Alarm Phone and Watch The Med.

Missing at the borders

What do we want

The Mediterranean Sea has become an open-air cemetery: since 2000, the number of casualties has topped 35,000. No one knows exactly how many victims there are along the routes from Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East to the southern shores of the Mediterranean.

Every year, we are faced with the dreadful count of lost lives. Yet, when we talk about these victims, we speak of them as mere numbers. The unique individuality of each one of them, their hopes and dreams which drove them to migrate, is completely ignored and erased.

As for the migrants' loved ones, the desperate condition in which these families live is not even part of the public discourse. The families are living in anguish, not knowing what happened to their son, daughter, spouse, parent or grandchild.

We demand justice, truth and dignity for the families, by:

- giving the families answers about what happened to their vanished family members;

- calling to the European Union to stop externalising border surveillance;

- giving everyone freedom of movement.