In the Algerian dialect, the word harraga refers to those who "jump borders", that is undocumented migrants. The harraga phenomenon started around 2007 and has been growing ever since.

Many boats managed to reach the northern coast of the Mediterranean sea, while others were spotted by the coast guard and intercepted. Passengers of the intercepted boats have been systematically taken to court and charged with "illegally exiting the national territory" - a crime in Algeria.

Other boats, though, have not been intercepted nor reached port: they disappeared and the fate of those on board remains a mystery that their families are still trying to solve.

In this section you can get to know the faces of some of the disappeared harragas, thanks to the work done by Collectif des familles des Harraga disparus en mer (a collective which has succeeded in assembling a list of passengers of some of the lost boats), and also thanks to the families who entrusted these photographs of their relatives to Missing at the Borders.