Testimonies of family members

The victims of the borders and walls raised by Europe to hinder people’ s right to move freely (going against the principle of freedom of movement enshrined in art. 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights), are not only those who undertake the journey. Their families are victims, too, as they live in the anguish caused by the disappearance of their relatives or in the pain of not being able to give them a proper burial. Here you will find their stories. These families indict European migration policies which do not allow any regular entry and therefore force people to risk their lives to get here. These families demand DIGNITY, TRUTH and JUSTICE for the fate of their relatives! Missing at the Borders has the fundamental objective of compiling as many video-interviews as possible, so that the families can share, with their own voices, their experiences.

Aymen Ben Smida

Missing since 2259 Days

"Teenagers must be able to see things, get out, broaden their horizon. That's one of their rights. Article 13 states, you have the right to go, to leave and to see"
Mohamed Ben Smida

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Redouene Djezzar

"We’ll never stop looking for them!
You can’t abandon your own child"

Mohamed Djezzar

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Ghassen Ben Brahim

"How come the foreigners can come here with just an ID card and without paying? While we have to apply for a visa and pay for it. And in the end we don't even get the visa"
Souad Ben Brahim

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Raouf Hidouci

"Everything has changed. This is hell. A hell that I can't even explain to you, that you can't even imagine!"
Bariza Haidouci

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Faycel Sabouni

"Do you think I can forget my son? My children are my life"
Boubakeur Seddik Sabouni

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Mohamed El Raouafi

"I don’t need anything in this world. Except for the truth about my son"
Meherzia Chargui EP Raouafi

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