Morocco has always been a nation characterised by varied, dynamic migratory processes, due to this nation’s strategic location astride the African and European continents.

By some estimates, tens of thousands of migrants of different nationalities are believed to attempt crossing the Mediterranean toward Spain. These people, be they of Sub-Saharan origin or from North-Africa, Central-Africa, the Middle-East, or Asia, share the objective of reaching Spain, notwithstanding the many dangers they are forced to encounter, given the security protocols enacted by Moroccan and Spanish authorities.

In fact, thousands of those who tempted fate for a chance to have a better life, were able to reach the northern shore of the Mediterranean, thus realizing their and their families' dream. Sadly, however, thousands others have drowned, or are missing, or were forcibly disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea, which is now sadly known as “migrants' cemetery”. Added to this ongoing tragedy, is the pain and suffering of the migrants' families, and of their friends, who, despite numerous attempt to find out the truth, are condemned to living without trusted news about the date of their loved ones.