6th February 2022 - MIGRATION IS A RIGHT! A Global Day of Struggle against the regime of death at our borders and to demand truth, justice and reparations for migration victims and their families

We are relatives and friends of people who died, have gone missing and/or are victims of enforced disappearances along the land or sea borders of Europe, Africa and America.

We are people who survived an attempt to cross borders in search of a better future.

We are solidary citizens who help migrants during their journeys by providing medical aid, food and clothing and by supporting them in dangerous situations so that their journeys can end safely.

We are activists who have collected the voices of these migrants before they disappeared, who try to identify the anonymous bodies in the border areas and who provide them with a dignified burial.

We are one big family without borders and nationalities, who struggle against the death regimes of death imposed at all the borders of the world and who fight for the right to migrate, for freedom of movement and for global justice for all.

Year after year, we are witnessing the ongoing massacres at the borders and in detention facilities intended to discourage migration. We must not forget these victims! We do not want to remain silent about what is happening!

That is why we have decided to join forces, whilst respecting individual diversities, to denounce the deadly violence of the world's border regimes and to commemorate those who have died, disappeared and/or have been victims of enforced disappearances in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Sahara, along the Balkan route, at the Mexican Southern Border, in the Arizona desert and all over the world.

We accuse those who are responsible for this ongoing genocide: the governments that are making the migration routes increasingly dangerous by militarizing internal and external border control.

On the 6th of February 2014, the Spanish border police killed at least 15 people who were trying to cross the border at Tarajal into the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. After years of legal procedures, Spanish courts acquitted the Guardia Civil officers, ruling that no crime had been committed.

No justice has yet been done to the victims and their families!

On the 6th of February 2020, groups of families of the deceased, missing and/or victims of enforced disappearance met in Oujda for the first CommemorationAction of migration victims and to denounce border violence.

The Tarajal massacre is a symbol of what has been happening every day for over 20 years now: victims without justice, graves without names, borders without rights. This is why we have decided in Oujda to continue the journey of commemorations every year on February 6, to transform our pain into collective action.

We call on all social and political, secular and religious organizations, groups and collectives of families of migration victims, and citizens of all countries of the world to organize protests and awareness raising actions.

We invite you to use the logo shown above, together with your own logos, as an element to highlight the link between all the different initiatives. All the events that will take place will be published on the Facebook page Commemor-Action

We call on the networks that have been organizing events around the Tarajal massacre for many yearsto join forces with us and connect the various initiatives. Let’s make the 6th of February a Global Day of Struggle against the Deathly Border Regime and for truth, justice and reparations for migration victims and their families.

Migrate to live, not to die!

They are humans, not numbers!

Freedom of movement for all! To join this call, you can write to:

FB Commemor-Action